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Over 1.5 million visitors


Angel Radio provides a platform for the talents of older


Whether it be a

singer, keyboard player, or someone with a near photographic

memory of the ‘old days’, older people need an outlet.

Angel Radio is

entirely flexible in its provision of

broadcast services and has already provided facilities, which have enabled older people suffering from acute shyness, strokes, Parkinson’s disease loss of sight and loss of hearing

to produce and broadcast their talents.

A Voice for

Older People

Angel Radio is committed to providing a full radio service 24-hours a day, 7-days a week,

specifically for persons aged 60 and over who live in West Sussex, Hampshire & the Isle

of Wight, with special regard to those living in Havant, Portsmouth & Gosport.

Uplifting nostalgic entertainment in the form of music, humour and memories from the years 1900 to 1963, together with current information regarding health, diet, pensions, etc. and stimulation in the form of reminiscence therapy for mental health, and dance & exercise for physical health, accentuate the positive aspects of old age for the hundreds of thousands of older persons who live within our broadcast area. The station creates a sense of value and self-worth for staff

and audience and gives a voice to a section of the community who are often

segregated and generally undervalued and underserved by the media.

Aims of Angel Radio

The needs of the older local community are many and varied. Angel Radio attempts to address in some way all needs as they arise, although of course this has to be done in the context of limited resources and the need to avoid alienating a wider audience by concentrating too much on individual issues relevant to a minority of the audience.

Meeting the needs of the older community

      Loneliness .........                 Isolation .......                   Falls ......


Loneliness – Angel Radio’s

style of presentation is such that

the listener feels that the programme presenter is a friend who is addressing them


A number of Angel Radio staff

visit local listeners in their homes

to extend the friendship

engendered by the station.


Through the radio broadcasts isolated people learn about others in the same situation

and, through exchange of

letters or telephone numbers,

get the opportunity to share

time together. Angel Radio publicises many events of interest to older people and offers free transport to some events.


Falls – Injuries caused by

falling / tripping over are a major source of frailty and death in older people. Angel Radio and specialists in the field have teamed up to produce a series of short programmes about all aspects of falls and their prevention.

We also have a daily exercise programme each weekday