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Have a look at the photos below. Nice aren't they..... but wrong . . . . . . .Angel Radio DOES NOT interview people by intimidating them with a microphone pushed in their face. Our interview technique has been perfected over the past 14 years. We call our oral history interviews "Fireside Chats" and generally conduct them in the comfort of the interviewee's own home. We use a discreet recorder with battery powered boundary microphones. These microphones are usually quite small (2 inches long), shaped like a wedge of cheese, and fit nicely on a coffee table. The advantage being that they are not intrusive and are soon forgotten by the interviewee. Two microphones are generally used. Before the start of the 'Fireside Chat' do not let the interviewee begin to talk. They may tell you the best stories long before your recorder starts. Ask them to make a cup of tea while you are setting up.                                                                  

To get the best memories from our interviewees we do not use formal interview techniques, rather we have have an informal chat. To get deep into our subject's memory bank we begin by talking about the house their grandparents lived in. "Walk me down the garden path and into the house" is a good way of getting your subject recalling those really deep down memories. The voice of the interviewer should be heard as little as possible. The interviewer should never voice their own views. The interviewer should never interrupt the interviewee. They should ask simple questions which allow a full flow of memories to come from the interviewee. At intervals of 10 or 15 minutes during the conversation a question about music will be asked, such as "What music was on the wireless at this time in your life?" or "Did you go dancing, what music did you dance to?" This allows the record that the interviewee mentions to be edited into the finished edition of the programme. The Interviewer should always show enthusiasm and interest in the memories being recounted.