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Message - Are there two angel radio stations?

I have a radio next to me when I am using the computer and I have it tuned to you. But I thought it may be a little clearer if I used the internet and listen to you. But although it say's Angel radio Isle of Wight. It is a different station. I.E. It isn't playing the same music as the station on the radio next to me.

Could you  give me some advice on this. The station on the internet also does adverts. It appears from Havant.

Frederick Mew


Answer - Yes Frederick, there are 2 Angel Radio stations. I started the first one in February 1999 in Portsmouth and the 2nd on the Isle of Wight in August 1999. In 2002 Angel Radio in Havant was licenced to broadcast 24/7 on 101.1 FM and in 2007 Angel Radio on the Isle of Wight was licenced to broadcast on 91.5 FM.

Both Angel Radio websites currently feature the programmes from Havant.

Hope that answers the question. Best wishes Tony Smith : Founder / Manager


Subject  > Listener in New Zealand

Hello Angel Radio, I am writing to you from Tai Tapu, in Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand on a lovely sunny autumnal morning. Wanted to let you know that we are able to pick up Angel Radio here, and wonder if you have listeners any further away than we are here? Perhaps in the Antartic?? Congratulations on your wonderful programmes and please send our love and best wishes to our dear friends John and Bubbles Tree in Widley. Kind regards to everyone; (we were previously living on Hayling Island).

From Lucie West and Family in beautiful New Zealand


Hi Lucie

Thank you for your nice email, which I read on air this morning.

Although we have quite a few listeners in New Zealand I think you are correct in assuming you are our furthest fan. It's strange to think you've made such a huge leap from Hayling Island to South Island NZ. How did that happen??

Best wishes, Tony Smith : Station Manager


Hi Tony

Lovely to hear back, thanks for that.  John Tree and his wife Bubbles are very good friend of mine, (I was their Bridesmaid) hence my knowledge of Angel Radio.  John speaks very highly and proudly of the Station, and I think the work you all do and the service you provide is wonderful.

Well my story is I left Hampshire two years ago to come to the South Island of New Zealand with my two children.  I had never been before, but a friend living here had kindly sent calendars, books and photos over the years.  The Country had always jumped off the pages and called me on, it looked incredibly beautiful, raw, unspoilt, empty, pristine.  I worked in Canada in 1989 and loved it, and the photos of New Zealand reminded me very much of Alberta.  My children and I were living on Hayling Island, and like so many other single Parents I was on the treadmill of big days, trying to juggle a job (in Portsmouth) with looking after my Family and home.  I was over 40, and had the strong feeling inside that there was still 'more to do in life'.  I was incredibly lucky to be offered a job here and applied for a Work Visa, together with Student Visas for the children.  We sold the house, Pickfords packed the contents into 89 boxes, and shipped what was our life to Lyttleton Harbour near Christchurch.  I do not like the word 'regret' and know if I had not tried to come I would have always wondered 'what if?'.  

The experiences of the last two years have been rich and the best of my life.  The children make me very proud, they have thrown themselves into the life here and are thriving in school.  They have certainly experienced opportunities I could not have given them in the UK, as an example they both learnt to ski as part of the curriculum.  We have met some truly wonderful warm and genuine people and seen some incredibly beautiful Country and nature; i.e. albatross, penguins, kiwis.  It is a joy and privilege to be here - New Zealanders are open, light-hearted and friendly - in shops or walking along the street people (complete strangers) say 'G'day', ask you how you are, and how your day is going.  They have a great 'can do' attitude and zest for life.  The first year we arrived there was a huge snow storm on the South Island on 12th June, we were living remotely and power lines were down to the property for 6 days.  School was shut for a week but the initial novelty of three feet of snow soon wore off when the children realised we could not dry their clothing, or jump in a hot bath.  Some people living near us were without power for 3 weeks, yet they made no fuss, were unruffled, resilient and truly inspirational.


I love it that I have felt comfortable giving the children more independence here, and they have become much more sporty and outdoors orientated.  It feels safer; in rural areas children cycle from their farm  houses to the end of the farm track, leave their bike by the road unlocked, catch the school bus - and when they come back from school hours later the bike is still there.  In reality New Zealand is everything I hoped it would be and more, every bit as breathtaking, unspoilt and natural as the calendars and books had shown.  Mount Cook, the Southern Alps, Lakes, Streams and Pacific Ocean are 'awesome' as they say here.  It feels like living in a picture postcard.  Best of it is I have been lucky enough to meet a truly wonderful man to share life with, he is New Zealand's most lovely son.  As you can imagine I feel very blessed, and definitely no regrets!  The flip side is of course is we love and miss Family, Friends and England, but with modern technology, phone, email and a webcam, it helps makes the World a smaller place.


If it is ever of any interest and you are running an item on overseas, I would be more than happy to email some photos of New Zealand for your listeners to see, perhaps via your great website.  If anyone is thinking of coming for a holiday I would say 'please do not let the longhaul deter you..... come and see it for yourself - you will not be disappointed'.


Kind regards,

Lucie West



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