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Frank Morgan

St Austell Cornwall



Great station and great music. its good to listen and know you're going to enjoy the contents of the programes keep up the good work.  

Cheers to all  


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val davidson


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Nostalgia Radio



Tony - thanks, as always, for the brilliant programmes and music. Is there any news yet of when you will be on digital?  I know you had problems and everything was set back. We do miss not being able to receive you at night, we can only get Angel online. Thanks once again to you and volunteers, don't know what I would listen to during the day if you weren't there.


From Barry in Epworth following Angel presenters singing

'Happy Birthday'



May I thank you personally for last monday, even more so as nobody has sang that too me for many years, by the way i am now 67 and what my children used to call me and the music "old fogie".

Also thank you both for your request to me on tuesday. Not long before that came on I was at lunch with others where I live and my mobile rang. It was a message from my daughter, but i had to put the phone down to change glasses and the man next to me saw what it said and shouted "I'ts his birthday" so I got sung to again.

This has been the best birthday for many years.thanks again,                                Barry in Epworth.

Good Morning Angel Radio

I hope you can manage a longish e mail as I have so much I would like to say.

We were introduced to Angel Radio by our neighbour Mr Ian Horner, whose large 78 record collection I believe has been of use to you. We now listen most mornings on our internet radio as we get ourselves fit for the day - although I have to disappear to work 3 mornings a week as I'm a mere 59!  Maurice has the luxury of listening all day if he wants to! However, this morning you played Legend of the Glass Mountain, followed shortly by Oh My Beloved Father.  Well, Glass Mountain was one of my Father's favorites and he played it beautifully on the piano, then that song was one of his and mine favorite songs - I had lumps in my throat.  What a marvellous concept to have a pledge day too.  I'll press on the appropriate buttons in a minute and work out how to get some pennies to you. Oh yes, just one little thing - your presenters are telling us to phone in but not giving out the phone number.  Down here in Devon we don't know it by heart yet.  

Now then, I have a big big favour to ask.  I was raised by my Nan and Dad's youngest sister Beryl was only 11 years older than me and still at home too.  The very first record she bought with her first wage packet was "Little Red Monkey"  It was played over and over till she wore it out.  Do you have a copy anywhere please and if so is there a record/CD it is on that I could get for her as a super surprise for her birthday - which is today actually - oops I must phone her.  If you have any info I'd be over the moon. We hope to be in Hampshire in Sept sorting out Dad's place (we moved to Michelmersh when I was 7) and will try to pop over to Havant and say hello.

Brilliant station and yes 'tis true, most folk do think music started with the Beatles.


Jan and Maurice

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