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I am such a happy wrinkley now that I have found ANGEL RADIO on internet

broadband. I have just spent an hour sending out e-mails to my friends all

over The UK, Australia, Canada, I do hope that my friends will be able to

receive the station on their computers. It is so very nice to listen to music

that I like and to hear songs that I can understand the lyrics of.

I will be a regular listener from now on.

Thank you.

Ian Dowland

Southampton, UK


Hi Tony,

           Thank you for the efforts you made to put my request song on your Internet station "ANGEL RADIO". (Thursday night at about 9.30).

I have made a recording of it on tape.

If you don't mind I'd like to make a small correction. It's maybe my fault, because I signed with "Martin, Dutch rep.", which means of course Dutch Representative (of GMAS). Guess what Vic White made of it : "Martin from the Dutch Republic". That was very funny to hear for me and my beloved ones, because you know Holland is, just  like the U.K. a kingdom. Don't blame Vic for this mistake, it was also a little bit my own fault.

But after all it sounds funny.

Best wishes to you, Vic and also to John Wingfield.  

Martin, Dutch REP of the GMAS

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Dear Tony

I just have to write and say how very much I enjoyed Wednesday evening's programmes. I listened on my Walkman in bed and it is usually 'lights out' at 10pm, but not on Wednesday. First I was taken back by Andy Pope's cinema programme - I remembered walking up and down the aisles - 1/6 this way, 9d further down, both at the Southsea Odean 1941 - 42, and then at The Gaiety 1959. Both sadly removed to make for a supermarket and a housing estate.

Following the cinema programme wonder of wonders we had the Frank Sinatra Story presented by Alan Dale. The songs were wonderful and my feet could not keep still.

So Tony, thanks to Angel Radio and the two presenters I had a really really lovely night of remembering.

Kindest regards

Lilian Pittard

I'd like to be able to add your excellent station to my wi-fi handheld device to enable listening away from my computer. To do this I need to know the URL of your streaming audio.

Can you help, please?

Arthur Sharp

Rayleigh, Essex


Hi Arthur

Our Winamp address is -

I hope that helps.