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Message from Angel Radio's Founder/Manager 13th May

Hello chums .... Our new 89.3 FM transmitter, which was switched on at 8am on 1st February, is certainly doing a great job of covering Portsmouth, Gosport & Borough of Havant. The new frequency of 89.3MHz FM is proving to be perfect for picking up those 'accidental' listeners who are tuning to, or from, BBC Radio 2 and discover the wonderful world of Angel Radio. To view a map of the new general coverage area of our new FM transmitter click here.

The RDS readout has now been changed back to -ANGEL- from the temporary -Angel- which on some car radios and many portable radios was very difficult to read as the tail of the lower case 'g' was raised so that it was level with the base of the other letters -Angel- .... I apologise,

especially those of you with impaired vision, that this took so long to correct.

Swinging Radio 60s 


Your swinging station will be back on digital radios at 9am Saturday 20th May with Pete Cross remembering the melodic 60s for 2-hours. Mark Ross is our new Station Manager.

Swinging Radio 60s DAB+ transmissions can be heard in Portsmouth, Gosport, Havant and northern Isle of Wight. Alan Beech our transmitter engineer hopes to get test transmissions on air during the evening of 18th May ready for the launch on Saturday. To visit the website please click here ....

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ANGEL RADIO is a registered charity: 1138441


You can donate via our PayPal buttons.

You can make a cheque out to:

ANGEL RADIO and post it to:

17 Market Parade



PO9 1PY  


Our 2nd May fundraiser was very busy as usual. Lots of your favourite presenters were on air between 8am and 11pm playing your requests. Our receptionists took an average of a telephone call every 4.5 minutes and almost 200 record requests and pledges. The total raised so far is £3,185.

A super surprise was having our 'Joan-on-the-phone'

back with us for the day after an absence of 2 years.


David Penrose reads 'Three Men in a Boat' at 1.45pm Saturdays repeated 9am Tuesday.

Ted laker's 'Best in Vintage Country' has moved to 9.30am Tuesdays.

Albie somerset remembers the pirate stations at 6pm Saturdays

Angel Radio ..... Music & Memories that you don't hear on other radio stations

Thank you, as always, for your continued support for the UK's favourite nostalgia station.

Tony Smith: Station Manager ....... email: tony@angelradio.uk

Please help to spread the word about

Angel Radio ..... tell your friends & relatives.


Collect some postcards from our studio

to hand out.

Ellen dies aged 104


Joan - reception 2017(1) Joan - reception 2017(2)

                                                        Angel Radio's oldest regular listener, Ellen in Waterlooville, passed away peacefully in her sleep. Ellen was born in 1912, the same year the Titanic sank. She had been listening to Angel Radio since 1999, when we were running our 28-day RSL broadcasts, and she tuned in almost every day right through our 4-year period as an experimental 'Access' station and continued to phone in for her daily record requests up to a few days before she died.

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There's a rather splendid 2-page colour feature about Angel Radio in the Summer Edition of This England Magazine, which is available from newsagents. The article was written by Diana Coode who visited us earlier this year.

Visit their wesite by clicking here ....

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We have a film crew from the Austrian national TV broadcaster ORF coming to Angel Radio in June to produce a short documentary piece about us.